USA / 2017-2019
The human hibernation project 

"The human hibernation project" is a fictional project research in fake documentary format, recreating a hypothetical society in which human beings are an animal species that sleeps during the three months of winter.

The project investigates the effect that human hibernation would have on other ecosystems as well as on the relationship with the environment; it projects a fantastic world in which the barrier between animals and humans is much more diluted and where the human being communicates and relates to the rest of the species in a more equal way.

In this rural utopia, human beings live hyperconnected with their environment and the surrounding ecosystem without altering their rhythm. The fact that they have always disappeared for 3 months per year makes them not have absolute control over the environment, and therefore there is more power in the hands of nature.

The human hibernation project trailer MACBA from Anna Cornudella on Vimeo.